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Youth Sections

Youth Sections

Joey Scout Section

The Joey Scout Section caters for 6 and 7 year old children, and is still maintaining tremendous enthusiasm and excitement in the existing Mobs. The Section’s future development would seem to be limited only by the number of trained leaders available. Although there is not an Award Scheme available for Joey Scouts, the programs offered are exciting and challenging to that age group. However because of the age range there are few activities that are offered on a wider scale apart from “Joey Scout Jaunt” which is organized at Branch level, “Teddy Bears Picnic” and a “Mob Holiday” which are organized at a Region level. Some Districts have there own Joey Scout ‘Days’ and these are held in some cases jointly with Cub Scout activities. All these activities are organized to enable the Joey Scouts to show their talents, and use their enthusiasm and energies of which appear to be endless.


Cub Scout Section

The Cub Scout Section hold a number of activities each year to cater for this age group of 8 to 10. Region only organizes one activity, that being a Cub Scout Day. All Districts run Cub Scout Pack Holidays to supplement Group activities along the same lines. This section is the first to encounter the Award Scheme. Numerous Challenge Badges are on offer along with age related tests that lead to the pesentation of Boomarang Badges and ultimately the Grey Wolf Award.

Scout Section

One of the strengths of the Scout Section is the PatrolSystem, where young people are actively involved in the management of their section. Training of Youth Members has been provided to help them make and implement their decisions in a friendly environment, as well as techniques in managing the young members in their Patrol. This training is in addition to their technical training associated with the award or badge scheme.

To this end a number of scouts attended Leadership Courses each year. The success of their training can be seen both at regular camps and at Kiwi Woggle, a Patrol competition Camp, where youth demonstrate their skills in camping without the assistance of their leaders as well as culinary skills, held each year in a different location. Also many Scouts attend Triple S. Of course the pinnacle of all Scout gatherings is a Jamboree, whether National or International. At present this section is coming to grips with the newly introduced section review.

Youth Sections

Venturer Scout

As youth progress through the different Sections in the Movement, greater emphases are placed on self-governance and responsibility. To this end the Venturer Scout Section has set up the Region Venturer Scout Council which has a prominent role in overseeing standards, up to and including the Queen’s Scout Award, coordinating the activities of the various Venturer Units across the Region. With the guidance of their leaders the Council is an effective and excellent training forum for handling people and demonstrating how committees can operate.

The Chairperson of the Council is an elected Venturer Scout. This Council meets quarterly and at times has to come to grips with some important issues and make appropriate decisions. This decision making process is only possible when youth have the confidence of their leaders and vise versa. It is for their development that they feel ownership of their recommendation for prestigious awards, such as the Queen’s Scout Award, and that the Chief Commissioner will implement their recommendations unless there is a major flaw in that recommendation. Although Venturer Units in the Region regularly go on camps, only one Region camp is arranged, that being the Annual Roventure run by the Region Rover Council.


Rover Section

At present the Rover Section does not have a specific Region leader to advise the Suncoast Region Rover Council. (SRRC). There are five Rover Crews in the Region making up the SRRC, Rovers are actively involved in Leadership roles and other community bases activities. Other activities that this Section participate in are the Banana Bash and other Queensland Branch Rover Council (QBRC) activities in South East Queensland.


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